Todd Ehrlich, USA


Dr. Todd Ehrlich graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Dental School and served as president of its Alumni Association. He is a Master CEREC Trainer for Patterson Dental. His “Cerecology” training program is considered one of the premiere training seminars for the CEREC method. He is a beta tester for CEREC and Emax CAD. He has lectured internationally on dental CAD/CAM technologies, and has published articles relating to practice management, digital photography, and the CEREC method in numerous dental trade journals. His case presentations are well known for his attention to detail, esthetics, and photography. He serves as one of the few Administrators on Dental Town’s website forums.

Dr. Ehrlich runs a successful family and cosmetic practice outside of Austin, Texas.

Summer of CEREC
09:00 – 17:00

“If you are a current Cerec user wanting to hone your skills, or someone curious about the technology, this narrative instruction will guide you for the best outcome.” Todd Ehrlich, DDS

Digital dentistry is expanding like you’ve never seen! The summer of 2014 brings exciting advancements with CEREC and dental materials! We will cover the newest features and the applications of these latest materials. This class will be based off of the new CEREC Omnicam system, but the principles that apply for the Blue Camera system will be covered if needed.

- Fly with CEREC’s Latest Software Update!
- Maximizing Single Unit Efficiency Posterior Quadrant Strategies
Digital Virtual Articulation
- The Latest Materials of CAD/CAM Chairside Implant Crowns/Abutments
Anterior Bridges and Their Connectors
- The Latest on CEREC Parameters Multiple Anterior Units